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The Florida Fresh Meat Company has grown & blossomed into a thriving family of local sustainable farms recognized as aThe Florida Fresh Family of Farmsa. A true testament to aFeeding Our Community From Within Our Community!a
Our gourmet grass fed cattle are a result of a partnership with 3rd & 4th generation cattlemen. Our cattle are raised on a variety of gourmet grasses; clover, wheat, oat & rye grass, millet, perennial peanut & a variety of legumes, vitamins, minerals & nutrients! Once harvested, they are hung in an air ventilated refrigerated locker for up to 28 days for our aold schoola dry-aging process. This process naturally tenderizes the meat & enhances its flavor. Our meats are ground & cut into gourmet roasts, steaks & burger by aold schoola master butchers.
Our pasture raised Lamb, Goat, heritage Berkshire & Mangalitsa pigs are bred in Summerfield, FL. The pigs are then birthed & raised (without Boar interference) in Dunnelon, FL; a very unique breeding & birthing operation!

A partnership between Pastor Scott & Melanie Moore & Jan Costa was definitely "Divine Providence!" Our pasture raised Heritage White Chickens, Broad Breasted White Turkey as well as Pekin & Muscovee Ducks are raised first in brooders then mobile hoop houses for 4-5 weeks. They are also one of our sources of fresh pasture raised duck & chicken eggs.
Our meat quail & quail eggs are a result of a partnership with Ocala based Regal Farms. Our gator is local, fork tender & phosphate free! Our fresh Florida Rabbits are also locally grown!
Through our network of local farms we have access to incredibly healthy sustainable proteins. While we are not certified organic, all of our exceptional animals feast on a salad bar of pesticide-free agourmeta forage. Our farms, ranches & harvesting facility all practice humane animal treatment & operate chemical, hormone & antibiotic free.
We are found in meat stores, butcher shops, retail stores & restaurants committed to local sustainable healthy food. We have individual vacuum packages for our retail customers & bulk sub primal packaging for our commercial customers. Ask about saving on your meat bill by buying whole, half or quarter animals & having them portion cut for your freezer. Share the opportunity with your family & friends!
Restaurants that design creative menus & specials utilizing the various primals can now also purchase our gourmet meats.

For information on how to order AND to locate Farmers Markets where you can buy their delicious beef or call 352-566-8586

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Location:Ocala, Florida

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